A museum needs not be an intimidating and elitist institution. The Community Museum Project believes that a museum can be a means to represent everyday living and values. Through the collection and interpretation of artifacts and visual evidence, indigenous creativity, visual culture and public culture can be explored.

The Community Museum Project focuses not on establishing conventional "museum" hardware but carrying out flexible exhibition and public programs, often within specific community settings.

Through this process the Community Museum Project aims to nurture a platform to articulate personal experiences and under-represented histories. It can also be an occasion to facilitate the participation of the public and cross-disciplinary collaboration. To us, the word "Community"has three connotations: subject matter, settings and creative public interface.

Community Museum Project was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong by Howard Chan (art curator), Siu King-chung (design educator), Tse Pak-chai and Phoebe Wong (cultural researchers).