Visualising Chinese Borders Project Hong Kong Workshop
The Visualising Chinese Borders Project Hong Kong Workshop is part of a larger research network project entitled, Culture, Captial and Communication: Visualising Chinese Borders in the Twenty First Century (CCC:VCB), that connects a group of academics, curators and artists from Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore in order to produce a cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional body of research on the topic of the effects of border crossings upon art and design practice in Greater China.

Cities of Desire Alternative Strategies of Place-making
The exhibitions and the symposia both in Vienna and Hong Kong provide the basis for a critical discourse on the politics of place-making. Overall, Cities of Desire intends to encourage future discussions, setting the stage for a broader awareness of alternative visions and practices of place-making.
Socially Yours - Alternative Design Networking Seminar
(Report now available)
The organizers of Socially Yours - Alternative Design Networking Seminar 2007 would like to thank the speakers, supporting units and the audience for your participation in the event. Socially Yours brought together 700 audiences in the four-day seminar and workshops. We hope the community-oriented practices highlighted will burgeon in the future. Until the seminar series comes back with a new programme, you are welcome to read the 2007 seminar report and send us your comments.
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In Search of Marginalized Wisdom: Sham Shui Po Craftspeople
Sham Shui Po is confronted with urban re-development, and has to strike a balance between conservation and development. In Search of Marginalized Wisdom - Sham Shui Po Craftspeople, researches on local craftspeople on their skills, their operation, space usage and community network, which reveals the intangible assets that were normally overlooked. We hope this publication can trigger off discussion on creative strategies for future urban re-generation.
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